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Using the Viewer

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RSVS, the diagnostic DICOM viewer included with Web Server PLUS, provides users with easy access to high-quality grayscale images that can be manipulated, exported, printed, and much more.





The RSVS help file can be accessed in any version of the RSVS Viewer by clicking the Help icon on the Viewer's toolbar.

Accessing the RSVS Help File

Accessing the RSVS Help File

If you encounter trouble at anytime while using the RSVS Viewer and need to close it, minimize the Viewer screen and then click the Shutdown Viewer button on the Web Server PLUS toolbar.


Shutting Down the Viewer

Shutting Down the Viewer



Displaying an Image


Arranging Image Displays


Study Notes, Annotations, and GSPS


Image Operations and Tools


Exporting, Mailing, and Printing